Elder Mediation

  • Presenting Issues
  • Neutrality vs. Mediator Advocacy
  • Common Hurdles
  • New Strategies for Intake
  • Working with Large, Dispersed Family Groups
  • Ethical Concerns

Challenges of Aging

  • Mental & Physical Effects of Aging
  • Maintaining Independence
  • Coping with Loss
  • Caregiving and Aging Families
  • Long Term Care Options for Elders

Legal Planning

  • Planning for Financial Management
  • Medicaid Eligibility
  • Medical Decision Making
  • Asset Protection
  • Guardianship

Multi-Party Role Plays

Marketing your Elder Mediation Practice



Elder (Adult Family) Mediation
Teaching Institute

Offer Elder Mediation Trainings
in your area with this
Turn-Key Program

Hear What Past Participants Are Saying

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Since 2007, Elder Decisions® has provided highly successful, interactive Elder Mediation trainings to hundreds of mediators from across the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. At our Elder Mediation Teaching Institute you will learn the content, practice the skills, and obtain the materials you need to add this comprehensive program to the suite of services you currently offer.


Participants will receive all the training materials needed to teach a three-day Elder Mediation Program, including: 

  • Comprehensive slide presentation
  • In-depth multi-party role plays
  • Class exercises
  • Handouts
  • Trainer’s guide
  • Course manual (print and electronic version)
  • Evaluation forms

Two one-hour consultations are also included following this training.


Experienced mediators who are also one or more of the following:

  • Elder mediators
  • Community Mediation Program Administrators
  • ADR & Mediation Professors 
  • ADR & Mediation Trainers

Hear What Past Participants Are Saying


  • Arline Kardasis
  • Crystal Thorpe
  • With Guest Experts from the fields of Elder Law and Geriatric Care 


Please call 617-621-7009 x29 or email to express interest and for details.

Location:  The Walker Center, 171 Grove Street, Newton, MA
Walker Center lodging available ($85 Single / $99 Double / $114 Triple -room rates subject to change). Walker Center phone: 617-969-3919.

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Testimonials from Past Participants of this
Elder Decisions® Elder Mediation Teaching Institute
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Testimonials from past participants of our Elder Mediation Trainings:

 "This exceeded my expectations!  The Elder Decisions Mediation Training makes a compelling case for why we need to step up to this national challenge and makes it possible for mediators to step into these critical but delicate family conversations.  I got a great return on my investment: information-dense, practical, inspiring -- allowing me to extend my company's services to meet this growing demand."
     Marina A. Piscolish, Ph.D.
     MAPping Change, LLC
     Kailua, Hawaii

"Usually when one goes to a conference or training it is considered successful if one takes away one memorable piece of information from the whole event. In my case my expectations were higher given that I had a return trip of some 40 hours travelling time. I found all the presenters so knowledgeable and so passionate about their topics that I would have considered the training a huge success had I only been able to listen to any single one of them! ...I will certainly be looking to attend another of their events."
     David Bogan, Author of Avoid Retirement & Stay Alive & 
     and What's Keeping You Awake at Night 
     International Mediation Services, Auckland, New Zealand

“Elder Decisions’ Advanced Elder Mediation Training...was excellent; actually the best I have ever experienced.  It was well organized (and) the subject matter was completely covered.  (This was) the most sequentially programmed and clearly presented (training) I have yet attended.”
     Jane Thayer, Ph.D.
     Mediator, Co- author of Elderescence: The Gift of Longevity
     Martha’s Vineyard, MA

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 Elder (Adult Family) Mediation
Teaching Institute Registration

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